Happy New Year

01 Jan

It’s a new year again (2013) and the majority of us–not me however–will make resolutions that will only last as long as it takes me to finish writing this article. This year, I’ve decided to try something different. I’ll focus on what I can do for someone else instead of dedicating wasted time and energy on whether I’ll diet or exercise or search for a new job or find a companion. Since not one of those resolutions stuck over the last 40-something years, there’s a 100% guarantee that it won’t happen by December 31st of this year either.

So here goes. Below is a partial list for 2013:

1. Say hello: either good morning, good afternoon, or good evening to a different person every single day. (Today, I said Happy New Year to a woman when I exited my car to go into Walmart.)

2. Once a month, purchase a gift card from McDonald’s or some other fast food place and give it to a homeless person on the street.

3. Pay it Forward (will describe in more detail prior to the end of the year).

4. Volunteer

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