Voice of My Kidney’s Identical Twin

02 Jan

Today, I travelled to a temp assignment where 10 years earlier on February 22nd, my twin and I visited Georgetown University Hospital. Our host made an altruistic decision to give one of us to a 12-year-old — at the time unbeknownst to us — African-American boy who needed a kidney badly. It would be his second chance at life. You see, his body rejected his father’s “exact-match” kidney approximately two years earlier.

Over the years, our host took superb care of us. She neither smoked nor drank, and definitely didn’t do any drugs. Matter-of-the-fact, when she was first told of the multitude of tests that were involved and required in order to have one of us adopted, she was skeptical about our viability, especially since we were 50 years old. Yep, that’s kind of old wouldn’t you agree? But, phew, no problems encountered! After all the blood and urine tests were imposed on us, the doctors were amazed and exclaimed that our host was the healthiest 50-year-old they had ever seen.

Now, maybe that statement was a little over the top or a teensy bit exaggerated, but let me make it clear right now. Today, my twin and I are 60 years old. My host is still healthy and takes no medications. And, my twin who was adopted — bless her soul — is still processing magnificently. My twin wasn’t rejected by her host who is now 22 years old and living life to the fullest.

Returning to Georgetown after all these years brings back nostalgic memories.

Note: God gave humans two kidneys for a reason — you only need one; the other can be a gift. Why don’t you become a Living Kidney Organ Donor too and “give the precious gift of life?”

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