No Intention of Ever Getting a Flu Shot

10 Jan

I’ve never had a flu shot and will never voluntarily be inoculated with any type of vaccine. My dogmatic reasoning for taking this stance is directly related to the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. I am horribly afraid when it comes to experiments under the guise of saving mankind. My fear is valid too because all one has to do is a Google search to find a pile of information regarding unethical and/or involuntary experiments on humans: pharmacological; medical; surgical; radiation; chemical; use of pathogens, diseases, biological warfare agents; and psychological and torture. And, the government cannot conclude 100 percent that flu shots are safe and effective.

I realize, however, that this is my paralyzing fear, which should not be taken as advice or an advocation for others to take up a similar position on whether or not to get a flu shot. Every adult and guardian of a child must make this decision based on his/her own merit. But before making a decision, at least be well-informed of the facts from both sides of the medical aisles — from those medical professionals who tout the advantages of an annual flu shot and those who don’t, which can be found in the article, The Truth About Getting the Flu Shot. I do agree that vaccinations remain a critical intervention, especially during pandemics. This was evident in preventing and/or eradicating HIV, small pox, yellow fever, tuberculosis, measles, and influenza.

My decision not to get a flu shot is solely my personal opinion about what’s best for me, and no matter whether I’m right or wrong about this decision, I’ll bear and accept the risks of any health-related outcomes I may be subjected to.

So, I’ll follow the same ritual I’ve followed since 1972. It works too because I haveSneeze2 never had a serious bout with the flu.

1. Faithfully wash my hands continuously throughout the day with hot, soapy water and always keep hand sanitizer readily available.

2. Never, ever sneeze outright. Sneeze into the crook of my arm — never, ever in my hand.

3. Don’t shake hands during flu season.

4. Don’t eat meals served buffet-style.

5. Don’t use public transportation, if I don’t have to.

6. Don’t be around infants, toddlers, or pre-schoolers or visit daycare facilities.

7. Immediately get out of dodge around anyone who has even a sniffle.

8. Don’t go to work when I’m sick and report anyone to HR who is sick and should be sent home.

9. Keep my hands away from my face, especially my nose and eyes.

Drawing courtesy of Gwen Pegram via Sketch Book Express app.
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