Countdown to 2013 Inauguration

19 Jan

I feel more bubbly than a bottle of fine champagne. You don’t even have to shake me up to pop the cork. How many adjectives and nouns in the English language can adequately give description to this affectionate husband, wonderful father, dog lover, and one hell of a President — the first-ever, African-American man to be elected not only once (365 electoral votes to McCain’s 173) but twice (332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206) to the highest position in this great nation? Well, I’ll try to accomplish that feat.




Accountable, actionable

Character (beyond reproach), confidence, charming

Kind-spirited, kind-hearted



Unique, understanding, unpretentious

Strong, shrewd

Sensible, stylish

Empathetic, energetic, extraordinary

Intelligent, inspiring

Nobel Peace Prize winner, no nonsense


ObamaCare, organizer, observant, optimistic


Accomplished (OMG! click link)

Man of the Hour, man of the year, man of the decade


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One response to “Countdown to 2013 Inauguration

  1. realpolitiknewsandviews

    January 19, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    Great take on the significance of the inauguration and the man himself! Read my take here:


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