The Conning Elitist — a Mother’s Son

27 Feb

iStock_000002902871_ExtraSmallNo, I’m not referring to that select group of individuals who seem to have inherited elitism. I’m talking about sons who are raised by mothers who tend to forget that they’re raising boys to become men.

A conning elitist, in my opinion, is a son who erroneously holds himself to a higher standard than those he views as inferior, and only because he thinks he’s smarter, funnier, more good looking, and/or awesome. He uses this advantage to con his mother, who falls under this false spell.

I beg mothers to wake up! You are doing your sons an injustice, a disservice. Stop this enabling madness before it’s too latejunkyroom. You are raising insecure, inadequate, unprepared men for a world that will prove to be a shocking reality when they come face-to-face with it. Have you considered what happens if you die today or tomorrow? You must prepare young boys by putting a solid foundation in place. This should start as early as three-years-old in order to raise men that will be a productive member of society. It starts at home. Maybe the basics need to be instilled again, reverting to the behaviors expected of the Baby Boomer generation where boys had chores and responsibilities, albeit not domesticated ones. Boys were expected and groomed to grow into strong, mature, and hardworking men that people could depend on. Nowadays, however, boys have concocted all kinds of reasons/excuses to validate their laziness — they swear they are searching 24/7 but there are no jobs available, they complain their instructors don’t like them or they’re smarter than the instructor, they whine constantly that life is unfair — which of course, is condoned and believed by their mothers. If truth be told, the mother is the underlying problem. She’s enabling her conning elitist son of today to become the lazy no-good bum of tomorrow.

Rules and guidance have disappeared by the wayside and accountability has been removed from the everyday vocabulary? Why have mothers become so lenient and gullible with their sons? Today, boys who have graduated from high school or college, even those who haven’t graduated, are living at home scot-free without procuring or holding a job. They’re bringing absolutely nothing to the table. My father worked six days a week, 10-12 hours a day. My mother’s motto: When she and/or my father woke up, everybody of school age in the household woke up too and went somewhere, be it school or a job, because lying around the house watching TV or sleeping in — OH HELL NO!

Mothers give their sons entirely too much leeway. No wonder boys feel empowered and entitled. This is a call for mothers to get it together and do so quickly, and start building a foundation at birth. A child must begin life in a structured environment.

Below are eight signs of a conning elitist son:

  1. Attitude

He has the audacity to say out loud and to your face that he didn’t ask to be born. He doesn’t want you in his space or invading his privacy. He speaks to you and interact with you as if he’s your equal.

  1. Entitlement

He expects you to always be his knight in shining armor. He expects expensive birthday gifts (Jordan sneakers) and Christmas presents (Xbox), even though he can’t scrounge up a measly $5 to get you a Hallmark card.

  1. Beggar

He sees you as his personal ATM card — always dispensing money, which he has no intention of ever repaying. When you go grocery shopping, he thoughtlessly prepares a list of things he tells you to pickup for him.

  1. Lazy

He doesn’t do anything around the house, whether it’s yard work or household chores. He doesn’t even clean up after himself. All he seems to live for is watching TV, texting and chatting on the phone, playing video games, and staying connected to the computer.

  1. Taker

He’s adept at being a taker; he never gives. He makes no contributions to the household. And, taking his mother for granted is second nature, but only because he knows he can get away with it.

  1. Selfish

He doesn’t care about anybody or anything. Other people’s feelings or needs escape him; he only cares about himself and what he can gain from the relationship. He will eat the last slice of bologna or drink the last drop of juice without any intention of replacing it.

  1. Troublemaker

He can’t hold a job because he defies authority. He doesn’t finish school or learn a new skill because he’s a know-it-all. He won’t volunteer because he’s not, in his words, going to work for free.

  1. Idiot (my description)

He wrecks or totals every car his mother purchases for him, gives him, or co-signs on his behalf. The only blessing is that he hasn’t killed someone else. He gets parking tickets or moving violations that he allows to pile up unpaid.

imagesCA5UUHDHDoes your son possess these eight undesirable traits? Are you a mother who is failing to raise “boys to men?” If this is you, and your son is in his late teens or 20-something and able-bodied, don’t fret because there’s still hope. Put your foot down now. If he’s living under your roof, give him 30 days notice to get and keep a job or enroll and stay in school. It’s okay if it’s volunteer work. The point is he must do something! If he can’t succeed at this simple task, kick him out. Yes, you heard me correctly, kick him to the curb! This is not only for his own good — teaching him how to be a productive and responsible human being — but for your sanity too. He must understand that his mother is no longer his crutch.

Our society has rules for a reason. Why should your son not have any rules to follow? Remember, strict rules start in the home first. In my mother’s words which stand true to this day — as long as you’re living in my house, you’ll follow my rules. There is no place in today’s society for the conning elitist son and there should be no place in a mother’s home for one either.

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One response to “The Conning Elitist — a Mother’s Son

  1. Lisa

    March 5, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    It’s all so true!


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