Crocs™, Not Your Child’s Shoe

21 Mar

I’ve known about Crocs™ since its debut in 2002. However, I refused to jump on the bandwagon. I viewed this plastic shoe as kids’ play shoes or adult shoes for the beach — definitely not a trend or a shoe for comfort. Then, in 2011, I had a long overdue bunionectomy. Due to this large bony protrusion on the side of my big toe, I was unable to wear stylish shoes, and definitely no heels. In order to pacify the pain, I increased the width of my shoe from a normal B to a wide D, which alleviated the pressure somewhat on my bunion.

After the surgery, I had to wear this horrible looking, heavy surgical boot for six weeks. I was excited when my podiatrist said that I could finally wear regular shoes; however, restrictions were appended. The shoe had to be  flat; forget two-inch, three-inch or four-inch heels. The shoe had to be wide at the toe base, like a tennis shoe. There would be no more squeezing my poor toes together in pointy toe shoes. And, lastly, the shoe had to have some arch support to relieve the pressure on the toes. My excitement was quickly squashed. “Wearing cheap, wrong size, high heels is what caused the bunion in the first place,” admonished my podiatrist. Following the post-operative instructions would ensure not having a recurrence of a new bunion.

The shoes for sale in the podiatrist office were not only ugly, but cheap looking and resembled old lady shoes. I could not picture myself wearing any of the shoes displayed. So in my search for an inexpensive, wide-toe shoe, I remembered Crocs™. The shoe came in a multitude of colors and more styles had been added to the iconic Crocs™. And through research, I found out the shoe wasn’t just plastic. It’s Croslite™, a proprietary technology that gives every pair of Crocs™ a comfortable and lightweight quality.

So, I purchased my first pair of Crocs™ that had a type of footy. I was both surprised and ecstatic at how comfortable the Crocs™ felt on my feet, especially the foot that had the surgery. When I wore them to my podiatrist office, she exclaimed that it was the first time she had seen that type of Crocs™ and that the shoe was the perfect, post-operative shoe.

Approximately a year later I purchased my second pair of Crocs™. I was hooked. This shoe is really comfortable and here’s a true story that validates their comfort. My girlfriend lives approximately a mile from me so I walked to her house for our regular three-mile trek. When I got there, she burst out laughing, pointing at my feet. “What in the world are you wearing?” she said. I looked down. I was surprised and started laughing too. I had forgotten to take off my Crocs™ and put on my running shoes. I had walked to her house with no discomfort or realization that I didn’t have on my cross training shoes. But, what was more amazing is that I walked the remaining miles in Crocs™. That sold me on Crocs™ comfort!

Then, last month at Fashion Week in New York City, Crocs™ showed that the iconic Crocs™ has a new attitude and showed off their new, creative styles that are quite trendy. I applaud Crocs™ for style and comfort; and I definitely recommend Crocs™ post-bunionectomy.

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One response to “Crocs™, Not Your Child’s Shoe

  1. Lisa

    March 21, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    You are excused for the period post recovery. From the moment of healing, you are not forgiven! Lol!


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